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Hello! I’m glad to announce 2 new episodes of Masa i Medved are online (now there are 18 on Youtube and 21 out there – my favourite is this one). After an evening of struggles to pay for the other episodes on & other sites, we gave up. An episode costs45 ruble, or 5 RON, or 1.25 euro. Unfortunately, you need a Visa or Mastercard, and you should definitely know kirilic. Google Translate will help you with that, but what about kirilic keyboard?
So we gave up and now we’re eagerly waiting for the other episodes, as well. If anyone outside Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan can get to pay, please leave a comment here and tell us how you’ve managed.

Masa is still our no. 1 favourite cartoon, Irina will start dancing immediately as she hears the soundtrack. I love it, too, though I’ve got a bit bored – I know all 18 episodes by heart! yet I still laugh at each of them. I guess it’s so successful because it’s nicely drawn and animated and the action is easy to understand. The drawings are complex, indeed, the animation goes into a lot of nice details – you can see Medved’s fur on his ears as they’re very expressive.
Besides, the characters are lovely! Masa is sooo cute, even when she doesn’t behave. Masa is the kind of kid parents say they’d like to have – she’s smart, strong-willed, independent. She can cook, she can clean, she can take care of somebody. At the same time, she can be nasty, bossy, selfish and very stubborn. So, yep, she’s the kind of kid parents don’t want.
The Bear, Medved or Mishka (is it his name or a nickname Masa gave him?) is like a grandfather. He’s a retired circus bear, with a lot of medals and cups (which he and Masa value a lot – Masa like’em shiny!). He still knows a lot of tricks and uses them to entertain Masa out of some plan of her own 😀 Like most man, he likes fishing, football, and a nice and quiet life in the woods. Which is hard to get with Masa in the forest! But she brings him fun and smiles and adventures, so they’re very fond of each other.
One interesting thing is that Masa’s parents never appear. Sometimes she sleeps overnight at Medved’s house, and nobody calls for her. If I were kid, I wouldn’t have cared about this aspect. But my daughter resembles Masa physically, so I find it naturally to ask myself what are her parents doing and why she wanders in the woods.

Other cartoon we have recently discovered is Pingu (it was popular in the 80-90, they say, but I didn’t see it anywhere). Pingu is a pinguin living with his parents and sister Pinga in an iglu. This is the closest to a family life I’ve seen. Pingu is sometimes jealous on his little sister, sometimes his parents don’t have time or money for the kids; they have homemade toys and play with different things (pancakes, their mother’s sewing machine). In the first episode, Pingu throws the food away and his dad spanks him (it was acceptable in the ’90). Other than that, it’s enjoyable 🙂 and worth seeing especially by parents. It brings up some questions and raises some question marks (like the episode in which Pinga is favoured by her mother or when Pingu throws garbage).

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