I am my best friend and my worst enemy. Struggling to find a meaning in life and a purpose in my existence.

Advices regarding marriage, wedding and babies:
– don’t get married unless you’ve spent ONE WHOLE YEAR living with the partner. Living together as in: thinking together what to eat/play, spending money together, meeting each others relatives and friends, sleeping in the same bed, sharing clothes/money/computer/books/whatever is important for you
– try to be as equal as possible in everything. Try to get as equal as possible into the marriage
– don’t get married before forming a group of mutual friends
– always think if you really, really, REALLY want to marry NOW. Now, in 1 year, in 2 years. It’s hard to go back [but keep in mind that divorce is cheap, in the first year].
– if the wedding is made in your birth towns/the places where most of your relatives live, it’s your parents and relatives wedding, not yours. Keep that in mind.
– do not accept for anyone to make any credit for your wedding. Neither should you make any credit for the wedding.
– always use some contraception. Plan the baby ahead. Start taking supplements, do sports and check your health before starting to conceive the baby.
– always think if you really, really, REALLY want a baby NOW. Now, in 1 year, in 2 years. The baby comes and there’s no turning back. Also be prepared in case the baby comes much later than expected.
– remember to use the Reset button for most things your spouse/your relatives/the spouse’s relatives say/do regarding marriage, wedding and baby.
– ALWAYS have a bank deposit. And a job. And you should always know a good lawyer.
– always check rents prices. You never know when you might need to move out.
– don’t forget to smile and breathe deep when you wanna smack your spouse. Your spouse might feel the same about you, even more often than you do.


book-devourer. serious sense of humour.

i use the British English – see the unnecessary “u”s i’m using.

survivor. reader. autumn/spring lover. waiting for snow.

just a grey turquoise reptile longing for the sun.

kill the bunnies

they are too fluffy

we can lose


in their furs.

Am inceput blogul in ziua semnarii independentei 🙂 se leaga de Enigma – Beyond the invisible.

Desi am 25 de ani, nici eu nu stiu exact cine sunt. Mai am vreo 30 de ani in fata pentru a descoperi.

Stiu ca-mi plac buburuzele, cerul, stelele, cartile si arta. De cand am vizitat Guggenheim, nu mi se mai par stupide tablourile monocolore.

Intr-o zi voi scrie o carte. Nu stiu daca va fi o carte pentru copii, sau una de nuvele SF, sau doar un roman autobiografic. In mintea mea, incep cartea in fiecare zi.

Inca ma multumesc sa colectez oameni si sentimente pe care sa le torn in carte.  Sau in blog.