Another glorious day in which to modify the code.
While the sky is blue and the sun is pretty and I’m listening to Röyksopp – Something In My Heart (feat. Jamie Irrepressible), while looking for vaults.
Medieval vaults. Rome Pantheon vaults. Hotel de Cluny vaults. Persian vaults.

So no, I am not happy. It’s in my nature to want it all. Or at least, want to live with passion and intensity.
Which I don’t get from looking at the code.
Travelling, seeing new places, getting a glimpse of other people’s lives and cultures – I like that. I like beauty – nature’s beauty, art, beauty of written words, the wonder and the worlds created in my mind by words, beauty of a statue rock lines, the emotions stirred by music. The times brought back by a different architecture.




I feel like those times are lost on me, so lost. So Fleurie – Hurts Like Hell.
For everything that I loved and lost and it still hurts.

“Dreams fight with machines”.

Now that one thing is somewhat solved (I’ve became a woman), the rest of unsolved things will come up. The lost dreams of what I wanted to become when I grew up.
Ben Cocks – So Cold.

Leaving aside I don’t know what to do about that, I feel as if I’d betray my entire family if I switched domains. On the other hand… I’ve betrayed myself so many times for them. Oh mother, why am I still a child in front of you?


Fleurie – Hurts Like Hell ( With Lyrics )

I don’t want them to know the secrets
I don’t want them to know the way I loved you
I don’t think they’d understand it, no
I don’t think they would accept me, no

I loved and I loved and I lost you
I loved and I loved and I lost you
I loved and I loved and I lost you
And it hurts like hell
Yeah it hurts like hell

Dreams fight with machines
Inside my head like adversaries
Come wrestle me free
Clean from the war

Your heart fits like a key
Into the lock on the wall
I turn it over, I turn it over
But I can’t escape
I turn it over, I turn it over

Nu mai vreau sa mor cu iubirea in mana.