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1. Do I focus on the long term or am I quick to grab the short-term solution when I’m frustrated?
Most of the times I go with the short-term solution when it comes to me. When it comes to children, I don’t give in to sweets temptation (neither as a punishment, nor as a reward).

2. How do I react when things go badly? Do I find it easy or hard to deal with my emotions?
I am overwhelmed and I either shut down or over-react.

3. Do I tend to focus on the worse case scenario? Do I contrast it with the best case or other possible scenarios or do I focus on it alone?
I focus on the worst case, I try to identify immediately what’s the worst that could happen. If I can deal with it, I feel a bit better and start thinking on other scenarios. If I can’t deal with it, I remain stuck.

4. Am I good at initiating action? Or do I tend to procrastinate?
I procrastinate a looooot.

5. How good am I at knowing when my emotions are affecting my thoughts?
When I imagine things, I can stop when the imagination leads me to feel/think unrealistic things about others. Other than that, I’m not good at it.

6. Do I tend to react more to positives or negatives in my life? How strong are my reactions? Am I more likely to act or stay put?
I react to both, usually over-reacting. I rarely act.

7. How often do I second-guess myself?
All the time?

8. Do I seek out support in times of stress or do I go it alone? Is my way of dealing with stress productive or should I find another way to cope?
During stress, I shut down and lose myself in the internet. It’s not productive at all.

9. How good am I at reading situations and what other people are feeling?
I am pretty good at it. I might even be the only one “Reading” and others might not take me seriously.

10. How good am I at identifying my emotions? Can I do so in the moment when my feelings are intense?
I often mistake my feelings/emotions with others or can’t quite point the finger to something. I need some moments of introspection and then I know what I felt – rage, despair and so on, because the emotions still linger.