If I could talk to her, I’d just tell her: YOU are so beautiful! And you don’t need anybody for validation.

It wouldn’t change anything, I know. And I actually can’t change anything. But it’s nice that I believe my past self was, indeed, beautiful. In the midst of pain and despair that she had created, she could still smile through tears and she was beautiful.
Alas, she changed one chocolate box with another, as impossible to reach as the first. And, as tears go in my ears, I know it’s the same and I know it’s different, yet I still need validation. And hugs, many, many hugs, which never come free to me. I always had to earn something. One day, their price might get too big for me to pay. But until that day, nothing’s impossible.
Girl in that mirror of 2008, I wish I’d still know what you did know. Even more than I wish you knew what I know now.
It’s not just about getting older…