clubbed to death – Matrix soundtrack
Clint Mansell – Requiem for a dream soundtrack (Lux Aeterna)
Braveheart soundtrack
The Gael – “The Best of Celtic Music”

what else is there?
what is the purpose? why are we here, all of us humans? is this world even true?

how long am i going to lie to myself?
or how long i’m gonna stand myself staying here, knowing very well it’s not my place, it’s not a good place for me… i’m occupying someone else’s place.

where to go? where to run? where to find home? where to find alinare?
i have the power and i am afraid to use it.
i am afraid of what the future might bring.
while this… this is the sound of inevitability.
if i don’t get out of here, i’ll wither in a couple of years.

i hate to be a slow snake on the ground while other fly so fast in the sky.
i hate it. i i i i i am out of ideas.