it annoys me when i wanna go deeper and i cannot.

knowing just tiny pieces of people annoyes me. who are they, how did they get here, how are they like underneath their masks.
maybe there’s nothing there, just as the Sphinx without a secret.
yet, as seen last night, even open and out-going are more than it meets the eye.

so, yesterday’s night was my first Passover ever. and probably the last one, as well, as i don’t know any Jewish person that would invite me.
i’m curious about the Jewish traditions and Jewish people, i’d like to meet more of them, from a friend perspective.

back to people and the little time to know each other. actually, not each other – i wanna them, i still don’t want them to know me. yet i give a lot of details about me (yeah, the old trade – i’ll tell you something about me, you tell me something of you, too).

still it’s weird – passing a lot of time with some people and you don”t get to know them.
you pass a lot of time at work and fewer time with family.
i’m used to gather, collect people, experiences, travelling, books, perfumes, emotions.
so i am a collector? hmmmmmmmmm, i guess that’s why i took the man’s side first time i read John Fowles’ The Collector.
having someone in your basement because you’re obsessed with her didn’t seem such a bad idea in my twisted love-hate world.
than i grew up and learnt about freedom and diversity of expression. so i know better now…


well, it was nice staying here for 2 weeks, now i will go back to my deeper side šŸ™‚
as for the rest, que sera, sera.
i CAN make my plans and work them out. Scorpio, Cancer, Leo, Virgo.

Trey Song – Nana