it’s funny to write about the sea while listening to a song called “Desert Rose” (Sting).
the sea, the ocean… the desert.
the restless sea is actually a part of the Pacific ocean, and I was blessed to see it. to hear it and smell it, and feel it, admire the ever-changing colours and play with the waves… it was just me, the ocean, the sky, the win, i was. I. fading in the deepness around me.

if i were a writer and had money, i’d live there, on the 17 mile coast. or in Tuscany, but that’s another story.
i love the sea, i love water and i can’t understand why i only get once a year to the seaside.
i like watching it more than i like getting in the water. watching it, smelling it, feeling the wind blow my hair…

the ocean colour matches some people’s eyes. beautiful.

Life resolution: look more people in the eyes. More and for a longer time.
there are so many people, so many places and so many things to discover.
so many books to read, so many things to see and hear and smell and taste…

i love US for this abundence of possibilities, for this diversity of people, for this meeting of cultures and foods and customs.
they’re all Americans, although that’s one of the rarest things here: finding an US-born person.
but when you do find one… 🙂

Close your eyes
Just feel and realize
It is real and not a dream
I’m in you and you’re in me
It is time
To break the chains of life
If you follow you will see
What’s beyond reality

Enigma – Beyond the invisible

i don’t wanna go to sleep.

Janet Jackson – Everytime