I am not a victim. And I am OK.
I have a power and I should not be afraid to show it.
I should not be afraid to show that I have a power.
I have the power to choose.
I can choose if I stay or if I go.

That being said, multe urari de bine si morti si raniti.

Things I have to learn:
– tolerance to frustration
– ways in which to relax my body
(so as to stop waking up at night because of the tension)
– some Java
– Relax, De-stress, RELAX
– enjoy the good things in life
– live with the dissonance between my values and my everyday life
– and some day (WHEN?), start living only by my own values

Adica la naiba cu viata de corporatrist! Candva…


I choose to believe in the goodness of people. In the kindness of people. And forgive their little mistakes. Yep, I’m hoping they’d forgive mine, too, but not only that.
There’s a place under the sun for everybody 🙂