I choose not be a victim anymore. To stop thinking like a victim. To stop believing I have no power and that I can’t influence the results.

I chose to leave the old project. I decided to leave the company. I decided I wouldn’t spend a lot of time in the new company. And I decided to return.
I chose to go to IT. I decided to finish that school and graduate in time.

I decided to have the kid and it was the best decision ever. And I knew they would both be girls!
I decided to get married and I have been married for almost 5 years. Still surviving.
(by the way, my parents had divorced and then gotten married again by the time they were 29).

I decided to go to Therapy and am still going.

I guess I even decided to be born a girl, so that my parents would have a second try for a boy, and my brother came up. So he owes me big time!
I decided I’m not a lesbian. Not even bisexual.

I am NOT a victim.
I am the result of the decisions I took over time. Some were stupid, some were painful. There is a lesson I gotta learn.

Take the responsability – You’re not a victim – You’re no to blame – You have the power

Robbie Williams – No regrets


P.S. I know I wouldn’t have gotten here without my kids and friends . So lots of love to you!

Dreams are open doors of the soul. Nightmares have a purpose 🙂