She was born. After an experience that completely scarred me. A rape by women, that’s the birth in some hospitals. That’s the name for what happens when people keep you down, while introducing something inside you, and you scream, and you wanna run away, but they push you down, and you scream, and you’re so afraid that you think you’re gonna die.
And parts of your body hurt so much, your back aches from all the pain and they want you to lay down and stay down, but these people don’t care they might break your arms or your ribs, they just shout at you and tell you to shut up. And tell you to do things you don’t wanna do, like push, Push, PUSH, but only when THEY want to.
So, if this ain’t rape, what is it?
The experience I’ve always feared, the thing that made me run away from many men, happened that night, with women. 10 women around me, destroying what was supposed to be the most empowering experience of my woman life.
No wonder I got into a depression shortly after giving birth. It took another birth – only me and my man – to get some of the power back. The power over my body.


This happened 4 years ago, but today, today is her birthday!

She birthed me as a new human, much more independent and mentally and emotionally healthier. So thank you and hapy birthday, Irina! I love you!