It can start as a bit of blue-white cloudish melancolia. Then it messes with crimson rage and black hatred, possibly green envy and yellow jealousy, and there you have it.
Full gray depression.

“Like” is no word matching this Lars von Trier film. No “like”, no “love”, no “dislike” or “hate”.
This is not a movie to have emotions for. This is a movie OF emotions. You just feel them, or remember them. And they pass through you, as you continue to walk in your own puddle of gray mud.
So happy you gotten out of it.

The soundtrack, though, belongs to another movie:


Btw, Charlotte Gainsbourg ran away with her kid. And she is a wonderful woman, although it takes 90 minutes to discover it. Also, now I understand why Kirsten Dunst is considered beautiful. She is.