i run too fast for my feet
i might fall in my sleep
go to the sea of no colour
only the red that makes the wind go away
it’s raining and we enter the water
it’s not cold as expected
and the waves are friendly

i get out and try on the beach
the sand is vertical and grey
grey is the colour of my dream;
while your neck, your neck is so white
you are Snow White as a man
white skin, dark coloured eyes and hair

i could picture this in a Sunday morning
a hairy chest above the white sheets
a sleepy smile and a tender kiss
some warm arms and a cuddly embrace
be my Snow White or i’ll hunt you down
be my Snow White or i will go down

the spiral of desire is always so difficult
i live in my head and life is adventurous
but only in mind, and only in my palms
all those lines of multiple love, of many life-paths
go down to one life
the life in which i loathe Snow White
the life in which i lust for Snow White

i hate you men because you are men
and i will never be a man
i hate you man because i want you man
and i can only have you as a woman
which i am too afraid to be…

how can you be the man that i need you to be, when i cannot be a woman that you need me to be?
running around in circles, of solitude, of powerlessness, of undisclosed desire
reconsider the past