I wanted to write
write down an Ode to Men
an Ode to Fathers
Ode to Brothers
Ode to Lovers
Ode to Husbands
Ode to Grandfathers
Ode to Sons

Ode to MEN
ode to their dreams
their curiosity to which is above them
their power, their strength
their wish to overpower
their desire and their force

this creature that helps women conceive
this creature that fights in the war
this creature that protects and destroys
and rebuilds
this everyday SHIVA

so misunderstood
so un-accepted

thirsting for the power,
longing for control
shaping this world
with their rules,
their masculine rules
their masculine goals
their masculine vision

our eternal competitor
in the struggle of life
our eternal alter-ego
our half
our half

it was thought
that man+woman were ONE
then they separated
and there came MEN

these creatures of speed
of metal, of mathematics
of justice, of righteousness
of sturdiness, of iron fists

these creatures with fire
in their hearts
and life in their loins,
spreading their semen
like rain over the earth

these creatures that are
our Fathers
our Brothers
our Lovers
our Sons

who give us orgasms
who give us weakness
who make us vulnerable
who empower us

these creatures that rape
and shape and beat and kill

these creatures that we don’t take the time
the time to understand
and accept
and see that their wish to control
to dominate
their lust for power
may decrease

if only we’d love them more

these creatures
our future Children
our future Husbands
our future Fathers

we give
our unconditional love
that transforms so quickly in
eternal conditions

Mike and the Mechanics – Another cup of coffee

And he tears the business tags from his old suitcase
As he packs away the pieces of his life
They all love him but they always try to change him
That’s what happens when a girl becomes a wife

But the song is this – Florence and the Machine – Over the Love