today is that day, that day in which i wish
we stay at home and play and complain the witch
it’s a lazy friday in which i contemplate
the stairs and the white walls of my mind

tomorrow is the day, the day of tomorrow
the day with a wedding, the wedding of the year
she will wear red and she will wear white
i will wear my soul and something inside out

i don’t wanna work and i don’t wanna fight
but here it is, and the time is right:
be more assertive
but not aggressive
it’s a fine line, i just don’t know how
and where to transcend this
and how should i say it
so people pay attention
and leave the games they wanna play
it’s my desire and it’s my decision
so respect it or else
we won’t reach a conclusion.

and yes… these are the days
of becoming a man
becoming an adult
becoming a whole.
they taught me love
but it’s not enough!
love on the inside
must reverse outside
therefore fill it,
fill it inside
kiss and hug, laugh and play
don’t wait for the day…