remember me
even when i forget myself
remember who i used to be, exactly who i am now, hopefully i’ll change more in years

my days are yet to come
someone was merciful to give me this life
this good life, with plenty of food and plenty of love and plenty
it’s the beast in me wandering restlessness, what’s with all this plenty
what’s with all these people, why are you so surrounded, why are you so surrended…
why have you surrended

thake this energy that tires you more than anything
and throw it back at people, ideas, make a revolution
get out in the street and fight
not the merciless crime, not the sinful bloodshed
you are already better than that

but distribute your energy
give it to the needy, protect the unprotected
care for the children
wash your previous lives away
show you can do better, show you ARE better now

take the demon seed out, bring it in the light
let it take over and know EVIL
integrate it before it consumes you
and then shall you learn Great Good

for innocence is unexperienced
and easily slain
good and evil are but
sides of the same coin
one must learn both before reigning over
life, love and whatever



“the heavens above us sent Enoch the scribe
to take God’s side when angels have sinned
their sin was to teach people godlike secrets
and to taste their’ flesh pleasures

this God wants people as adorers
and angels as watchers
so people must be innocent and worship
while angels must obide and respect

there was no free will
before the falling of Man
now there is a faint light
as people live some sheep life
most of them keep their eyes closed
and lions feed upon them
but some sheep see
their eyes can see the sky
their cries are heard somewhere

so what? you were created for something else
to satiate the hunger of this un-adored God
full of revenge and pride and righteousness
for whom most people are but ants…

the fallen treat sheep people as blind sheep
humans’ fate is no better with’em, either
at least, they gave us a chance
to recognise our true nature

and now, Sisif turned back to his rock
he gladly lifts it 1000 times a day
for in his heart, he knows it’s not in vain
he’s still an example to people
and angels
and gods

that humans are much more than skindeep
that humans may one day save their Creator,
when His Creator shall ask

“WHY this planet
WHY these life forms
WHY this evolution
WHY humans?
WHY spirits in flesh, why ideas in bones?
and WHY did you opress their knowledge?
Your angels taught people of Sun and Moon and year
yet you washed away weapons you used upon them
and disgusted in female beauties
Why did your angels know them in the first place
and why didn’t YOU show them to people?

Is it because… eons ago, it was you in place of these earth people?”

The day the Earth stood still.
Will it be in my lifetime?