Donez toddler de 22 de luni, stare excelenta (minus ultimele 4 masele, care stau sa iasa). E vioi, voios, zambaret, sociabil. Nu vorbeste prea mult (mai deloc), nu e (prea) pretentios la mancare. Se poate juca si 5 minute singur.
Puncte tari: vesel mare parte din timp, mananca singur, semnalizeaza si face treaba mare la olita
Puncte slabe: greu cu somnul, se teme de bormasini, trage animalele de coada si urechi

Yesterday was a bad day. A hate day. It began at 5. In the morning. I hated everything, from extended breastfeeding to pregnancy breastfeeding to AP, to Bucharest weather and small apartments. Then I hated neighbours for being nesimtiti ca si-au lasat usa si scandurile cu cuie langa usa mea. I hated small feet that would arch and couldn’t get them into small shoes, and big belly that wouldn’t allow me to get into big shoes. Then we went out (otherwise I would’ve bursted) and we were fine. I let her get in every balta, even in muddy ones. I saw parents behaving worse than me, so I inflated my ego like an arrogant prick that I am.

Today is a horrible day. It started at 5, as well. Cause she was thirsty. And hungry. And needed her diaper changed. But would she say anything? NOOOOOO!! She would just suck me dry and refuse any word/sign communication. Eventually we drank, ate and changed diaper, even played a little. It was 7 in the morning, I thought I might get a bit of sleep again. NOOOOO!! Cause she was sleepy and wanted to breastfeed, but not to sleep. And I can’t sleep when she’s like 2-5 seconds of niam-niam, and 1-2 seconds of pause. Play again. Toy boxes in the house? Empty them in mummy’s bed and induce her the most weird dreams! It was 8:15 when she asked to breastfeed AND sleep. But after 15 minutes of annoying suckling, she was awake. Because she was actually thirsty. #$%T$^&$^^%^#@$R@#$#@. Has she fallen asleep? Yes, by 10 minutes now. She’ll probably wake up in 30′, nurse again for another 30′ until I understand it’s actually her diaper bothering her, sleep again a little… and this is how you begin a horrible day.
If she wakes up at 11, then eats, it’s 12 by the time we go out. Where could I go out at 12 o’clock on a sunny summer day? Especially when I feel like strangling someone, not cuddling, and definitely not her.

It’s a high probability my milk is getting low, her teeth are bothering her, it’s warm in the house. But still… I don’t wanna wake up at 5 anymore!!!! It’s been happening for a long time, but she would fall asleep, sometimes after almost 90′ of breastfeeding. But now it doesn’t happen anymore… And I get the sore nipples, the painful breasts, the waking up and doing stuff (+ the crying, can’t do without it, it’s on the menu list), and the constant frustration, which it’s turning to rage. How the hell am I supposed to be empathic, if I don’t get enough sleep? If I ask 5 minutes of breastfeeding pause and she screams like a tormented sand worm? If I can’t even drink water without her protesting, not to mention going to the bathroom.
And the other baby? Well, since her sister started being so active at 5 o’clock, this one moves a lot, too. It’s “a pleasure” to breastfeed lying on one side (calculating the position of your back as not to move too much), thinking how to keep your hand on the breast (to prevent nostril obstruction), and feel a lot of tingles up and down my belly. Even Irina can feel them. Her answer is to put her legs and feet on my belly. I love it NOT! Especially when she kicks.
Wow, it’s been almost 30′ and she’s still asleep… can’t believe my luck. I should finish this post and publish it, or I won’t be able to do it for the next days.