When did I stop checking rent prices? Some after getting married, anyway. I did check them once or twice after the baby was born. It’s good to see I can still afford to pay a rent on my own AND be able to pay some child care.
Although, with 2 kids, it might be very close to edge…

Conclusion: my paranoia has softened, the need to plan (or to think of a plan) ahead was slowly replaced by “whatever comes”, even in relationship issues.

Baby has got nocturnal terror; man, it’s hard to watch that. Much worse than a tantrum, at least she’s conscious when having a tantrum. But when she wakes up all of a sudden, starts crying in an indescribable voice and she starts running in the bed, with eyes closed, and hits us when trying to hold her… we get all scared ourselves. After a while, she opens her eyes, yet she doesn’t see us.
What is causing it? Could it be the adrenaline of the aerosoli? Or the aerosoli action itself? Or the whole doctors and medication stuff…
Anyway, e nashpa, pe romana, si sper sa-i treaca, ma sperie rau. Ziua e destul de linistita, chiar si la aerosoli, desi devine din ce in ce mai greu sa stea la o sedinta intreaga (3-4 min), chiar si cu Masa sau Pocoyo.

Maine petrecem cu cei 3 baietei din clan. E singura fetita! Si cea mai blonda :))
E cumva comic ca toti 4 s-au nascut din 3 in 3 luni, si sunt Taur, Leu, Scorpion si Varsator (el s-a nascut la fix 6 luni dupa Irina). Diferenta dintre parintii lor inruditi (fata de mine) e de: cateva luni, eu, 9 ani, 2 ani si cateva luni.
Concluzia: am fost un parinte tanar la mine in neam.