I’m a bit away.

Later Edit: There is an anterior list with a lot of things I regret. Even so, some of them are regretted only in the darkest of times and about most of them I don’t even care anymore (like going to Vama Veche!).

I’ve thought about it a lot and I know that things couldn’t have happened otherways. Given my personality, my DNA, there was a MUST of people and things to teach me, or hurt me, and shape me.
Even if there’s still a lot of awe, I’m satisfied about my life now, about the person that I’ve become and about the happenings that brought me here. Everything that happened HAD to happen so that I would get here.

My subconscient worked a lot unifying the idea that regret is useless with the emotions that generated regrets. When I feel alone and lost and unable to go on, black thoughts gather, and sometimes I regret. But most of the time I am satisfied, as satisfied as an octopus can be.

Therefore, this is simply a list of things I don’t regret, not even in my darkest times:
– having the baby, even at 26 and not totally prepared
– getting married with this guy!
– finding this job (asa an engineer) and not changing it
– all the love stories I’ve had (whether shared or not), as they brought me one step closer to this one
– reading so many books through time (although I wish I had a guide in the beginning)
– that I’ve always been stronger than the rest
– brothers!! even if they were annoying sometimes
– (very in doubt about this one) that my parents didn’t divorce (yet)
– living in Bucharest (I regret it from time to time, though)

Thanks for comments on previous posts, I’m waiting to hear what you people don’t regret, too πŸ™‚