Hmmm, I might be turning into a “gospodina”. 2 days ago I baked a pie and that was my first pie EVER!
I am amazed of how flour+butter+water can turn into dough. Kneading is so relaxing! I used to be very stressed when trying a recipe, and stress usually helped me “forget” some ingredient out. But while kneading I felt so relaxed and happy that my hands were doing something useful (and soon-to-be-yammy!). So the stress got out and I could use my imagination on the tart. Because, as it turned out with everything I cook, I never have ALL the required ingredients, so I have to improvise. Which sometimes works great 😀

Now I’m on a tart spree and fruit-tart spree and Quiche Lorraine, and I like staying in the kitchen even if the result is not always satisfactory. It’s tasty, most times, and that counts a lot 🙂

Wanna try this recipe from Daianara (sour cherry soup) and some of these recipes (yammy!). Dulcegarii culinare blog is like a Mecca of cooking… even better than the Good Food magazine.

My best result, so far, was a cheesecake – simple to make (that was my first baking!), mouth watering, and it reminded me of The Cheesecake Factory and other beautiful American moments.

Btw, does anybody know how could I get a pie similar to the McDonald’s sour cherry pie? I love it.