Finally a Katherine Heigl movie indeed hilarious.
Holly and Messer are best friends of Allison and Peter and are godparents to their daughter Sophie. They can’t stand eachother, yet they accept to take care of Sophie, after her parents’ death.
Sophie is 1 year old.
Holly is a professional baker trying to extend her business, had no boyfriend in 3 years and is somewhat a control freak.
Messer is an aspiring sports director, with a lot of chicks on his tail and no complications in mind.
How do they get along?

Perhaps I’ve enjoyed the movie even more, considering my 5months old baby. I could relate to the incertitude and problems faced when raising a baby. Katherine Heigl found a better match in Josh Duhamel than in Gerard Butler.
But I wonder what’s with this avalanche of movies like The Proposal, other K. Heigl movies, which feature a control-freak, career driven lady and a nonchalant man, who opens her eyes to the beauty of life?
What happened to movies in which the male was rich and bored, and the woman showed him there was more to life than work? Like Sabrina or The Accidental Tourist…
I’d like to see a variation.