12 august. Ziua in care s-au nascut 2 buni prieteni.

1 o’clock and I’m watching “Playing by heart”. Angelina is so cute and has beautiful boobs. But Gillian Anderson is so sensual – the shape of her face, of her lips, the colour of her eyes and the way her hair looks… not to mention she seems sober and intelligent. And she has a way with words, not necessarily saying the right thing every time… and she doesn’t play – she’s very straight in the face of romance. Apart from the sensuality part, I can recognize myself in her. Leave the bright Angelina to be somewhat coquette and very open about her past. Give me Gillian, not as astonishing, but more interesting and quiet. The kind of girl that would listen and understand. And ask the same.

She reminds me of Kate Winslet, but her appearance is more striking than Kate’s.

It’s funny that I got along better with men which had the same taste in women as I did.

i think my water just broke…