Interesting subtitle in this article: “Warning: technology can end your relationship”.

Makes you ponder a bit, then, after reading the article, you discover… technology was a mere tool to find one if one was cheating. There’s no technology ruining a relationship, it’s the people using (or mis-using) it.

But it’s indeed easier to blame it on technology and fire a catchy title.


If mother calls twice on a phone, then two times on another phone and then on another phone again just “to check what you’re doing”, is this a case of reverse Stewie behaviour? Can’t people just SLEEP on Sunday evening at 9 without relatives despairing “nobody answered the phooone!”?


Lucrez cu un nene. El nu prea stie engleza, eu nu stiu chineza. Ori ma rad in cap pana terminam, ori isi face el codite.