Cred ca fiecare om are niste lucruri in minte, si pe-alea nu le uita, indiferent de ce i s-ar intampla.
Ale mele-s motivant-realiste, de genul:
– eu fac, eu desfac
– te nasti singur si mori singur;
– i have seen worse, i will see better; i will see worse, i have seen better
– cu copii, parinti, soti, tot singur esti – macar pe tine sa te ai
– cel mai important lucru e sa nu te minti, oricate prostii ai fi facut
– one should be conscious that the loved one existed before they met, with past, family, relationships, friends, aka: lumea nu incepe cu mine, nici cu tine;
– ce vezi tu negru, altii vad gri, iar altii, chiar rosu
– orice sut in cur e un pas inainte
– a prevede viitorul apropiat e o necesitate, a-l prevede pe-ala indepartat e auto-tortura (care da spre self-fulfilling prophecies)
– in the end, we die, so let’s enjoy our staying here
– we all die, but some die differently.

I was twice in love and I loved twice. I’m young, my heart could take up new adventures. But you never love like the first time, with despair and fear and egocentrism and egoistic altruism that makes you feel someone is your soul-mate. Don’t ever marry your soul-mate, unless you’ve reached 60.
Wait to fall in love with someone. It’s never like the first time. All the fire that makes your eyes sparkle when you look at him and send shameless text messages and keep old roses; it’s like having the most delicious chocolate box, and for a while, you have full access to it, so it makes you forget there’s no future and makes you hope, just hope, until the day you wake up and realize: i do have chocolate, but not when i want it; ’cause one of attraction laws is taunt to desire; i don’t wanna spend my life like this; to be in love is not to love.

And you move on, kinda… then meet someone to fell in love with and love. Less intensity, more self-consciousness. Now you know from the beginning what to look for in a person, how to check for relationship signs, longevity. Take a critical eye on yourself and your past/friends/relatives compared to his, we come with a different luggage.
And then – whatever works, sort of. Some plans are bigger than mine, or yours.
You live, you learn.

I think it’s easier to raise a child than have a love relationship. You are a great deal of the baby’s life. The baby will get to have some of your habits/personality traits, whereas the significant one is already formed. This makes love life difficult and adventurous, but nobody said this walk in the forest would be easy. And sometimes you get to see the most beautiful flowers ever 🙂