Hi, God. I know it’s quite morning, but I wanna ask you some things.

Dear God, I’ve been thinking a lot about why do women get with men and men get with women, when it would be so much easier to just go the same way.

You know, God, these magazines I’ve been reading lately – the men magazines have a man on the cover and some women in the inside, while the women magazines have a woman on the cover and a lot of women on the inside (are you trying to tell use something, God?). There was this interesting article about the morning erection, which almost all men are said to have, while women tend to want sex in the evening. Mathematically speaking, this means that a couple should wake up at 2-3 am to have sex. I wonder what gay couples do. In The L word, women woke up very early in the morning and they were too damn smiley for that unappropriate hour. Does this mean they had just gotten laid?

EDIT: Hey, now that I think about it, the Bible says that the Man was made by His looks and similarity. But men have erections every morning. Does this mean…………… ok, God, you can answer me later.

By the way, God (when you’ve finished), how do you explain – to a man – the difference between a pearly shine lipstick and a water shine lipstick? Will he ever care? And, God, if you make women so strong as to endure PMS, period, labour and epillation, why didn’t you give them enough strength so as to open a bottle with bare hands? How come that a woman wants 10 pairs of shoes and a running computer, while the man is happy with 1 pair of sport shoes and 1 pair of trousers, but will die if he doesn’t get that display?

P.S. The ugly truth is new in town (see review made by Lore here). The town of “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” movies. Don’t waste money to see it. Katherine Heigl’s boobs look the same on your home display. Better watch When Harry met Sally. Meg Ryan is delicious, especially in this scene:

Pardon my unclarity, God, it’s just too damn morning.