@ndo: “i wanted to give absolute freedom and to feel absolute love”
Xelomon: yes
@ndo: antonimul lui give e receive
@ndo: but you said feel
@ndo: it wasn’t just about receiving it… but feeling it
@ndo: biiig difference for you
Xelomon: da. i wanted TO FEEL absolute love
Xelomon: the one above jealousy, possesion & co
Xelomon: pure love
@ndo: well
@ndo: the day me or some other guy
@ndo: learns that skill
@ndo: it will be the end of the world
Xelomon: nu exista pure love…. ceea ce voiam era o utopie
@ndo: women are the climax of “black boxes”
Xelomon: once i have kissed someone, there was no pure love
Xelomon: once we got in the same bed, there was no pure love
Xelomon: it was REAL love
@ndo: 🙂
Xelomon: nush cum sa explic diferenta
@ndo: nu-i nevoie, am inteles
Xelomon: teoretic as putea sa nu fiu deloc geloasa pe cineva pe care-l iubesc
@ndo: again, ai facut o metafora
Xelomon: dar asta inseamna sa nu-l fi atins vreodata
Xelomon: si nici el pe mine
Xelomon: what is mine is mine
Xelomon: and when i give myself to someone, i am his
@ndo: the opposite of “real” is “imaginary”. but you said “pure”. which proves that “pure love” is “imaginary love”
@ndo: daca n-ai fi deloc geloasa, ar fi groaznic
@ndo: ar insemna ca nu=ti pasa deloc
@ndo: (this applies for everybody)
@ndo: dar tot cred ca e o diferenta de nuanta intre pure love si absolute love
@ndo: i dunno
Xelomon: pai este
@ndo: we’re playing with very sensitive concepts here
Xelomon: absolute love ar insemna pure love + real love, which is impossible
@ndo: si e f greu de pus in cuvinte
@ndo: nah
@ndo: absolute love is love + hate
Xelomon: absolute love….. ar fi love above all. of everything.
Xelomon: nu mi se pare ca aia e absolute love…
Xelomon: pentru ca real love = love+hate
@ndo: yeaaaah