–  READING (books, magazines, news, blogs, instructions, comics, people’s minds – I wish!)

– chocolate

– milk and cereal

– making comparisons

– the Internet, for mails and newspapers and blogs and books reviews and other xyz stuff

– energetic music (Killers  – Somebody told me) and sad music (One Republik – Apologise)

– “seeing” things based on people’s stories (2 work mates described their wifes giving birth to their babies, the horror and the pain)

– imaginining myself doing things described by others (see the above, OMG! MY horror and MY pain)

– thinking in written phrases, as I am both the writer and the player

– writing personal stuff on a public journal

– playing theater (for my own unexplained masochist purposes)

– walking on unknown streets from time to time

– opening my soul in front of strangers and shutting it in front of known people, so that all of them might open their soul in front of me

– listening to people, either friends or not, in hope of discovering there are other people of my kind

– watching cute little things, like babies, cats, dogs and friends

– believing there ought to be something more than life here

So…. what do you depend on?