Imagine myself with a woman. Mutual understanding, caring, sheer communication, lots of places to go and clothes/shoes/perfumes to check…

Chocolate to share, make-up to make, sweets to cook and hair-styles to try one on each other. Books to read line by line and movies to cry on each other’s shoulder. Cats to pet at 4 hands and little pretty things that make us go Aaaaawww.

But. There are some but’s.

1. I cannot imagine myself with a being that starts buzzing and meowing in an important situation. Like: “Why don’t you taaalk to me now? You don’t love me anymooore? I’m not you coochie-coochie-cooo? Why didn’t you eat all your souflee last night? I know you don’t love me anymore… Weeeaaah!”

2. 2 periods. Period.

3. Imagine a “don’t touch me, today I’m ugly, today I wanna kill the world” day. Then think of it as (day^2).

4. Imagine a “fuck the world, let’s spend ALL we have” day.

5. “Why do you spend so much time on the internet? Don’t you love me?”

6. “Why do you watch pr0n? You don’t love me anymore!”

7. Last but not the least, 2 women and one bathroom.

I don’t even wanna think of who would have to move more in bed