Evening alone in Bucharest.

Books are uninteresting. I’m no good at Heroes 3. No “easy”, enjoyable movie on my PC. Getting bored with myself.

I try to imagine how I am going to spend time alone in the new “home”. I can’t. It doesn’t even have internet.

In US, there was always someone with me – we were sharing the house, the desk, the car. The only intimate moments were the ones under the shower or the sneaking near the pool when it rained.

My God, did I become a social animal?

I cannot see myself living alone anywhere but in NY. During the days I’d wander on the streets, writing in my mind, and in the night, I’d find myself talking to strangers – getting into their lives at The Miracle Caffee.

Are strangers still strangers once you’ve discovered them, and, more important, once you’ve opened up in front of them?

Exactly 4 weeks since I came back, exactly 3 years since I’ve torn lives, still couldn’t find out what do NY couples fight about…